What is My Bacteria

"My Bacteria" is a series of publications from the microbiology company Magnospira which has been founded by the entrepreneur und microbiologist Dr. Jiri Snaidr.

Jiri's contributions in “My Bacteria” focus on the bacteria that surround us and how they affect our lives. By linking the knowledge of microorganisms, health issues and aspects of mindfulness, people's health and well-being can be significantly enhanced.

However, his publications do not focus solely on microbiological topics but go beyond that. His everyday life as a microbiological entrepreneur offers a lot of surprises, which he also reports on from a personal perspective.

Jiri sees himself not only as a microbiologist and entrepreneur, but as a person who enjoys also writing, photography and all the other beautiful things in life.

His slogan "The night is young" is a constant reminder to him that life is far too short to waste it living a lifestyle devoid of humor, values and passion.

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Microbiologist and entrepreneur Dr. Jiri Snaidr writes under the name Magnospira. He has 30 years of experience in microbiology and combines bacteria, health & mindfulness to help people achieve a better quality of life.